Scarf Art Edition Salome

Scarf  Art Edition Salome
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Country: Italy

Size: 90x90

Composition: 100% silk

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160 €



The 1908 performance of “Salome” based on a play by O. Wilde was worked on by a stellar group of professionals: it was directed by V. E. Meyerhold, the set and costumes were designed by L. S. Bakst, the music was composed by A. K. Glazunov, while the choreography was by M. M. Fokin. The premiere date had already been set when the performance was prohibited by the censors. The ban generated a lot of publicity for Ida Rubinstein, and soon afterwards she decided to present to the public the most enticing part of the performance – the “Dance of the Seven Veils”. Fokin had created an exquisite dance routine, revealing Rubinstein’s extraordinary gift of plasticity and hiding the limitations of her dance training. Two female slaves waved transparent fabrics over Salome and when the last veil fell the actress remained almost naked wearing a costume designed by Bakst that consisted only of beads. The enthusiastic critics noted that the dancer embodied the beauty “that has captivated the ancient king Herod, combining the elasticity of a snake with the plasticity of a woman; her dancing is full of the sensuous yet stock-still grace of the Orient, filled with the bliss and chastity of brutal passion”.

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