Scarf Art Edition Palace of Tsar Berendei

Scarf  Art Edition Palace of Tsar Berendei
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Country: Italy

Size: 140x140

Composition: 87% wool, 13% silk

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219 €



The colourful, fairytale inspired “Palace of Tsar Berendey” by Viktor Vasnetsov is a sketch of a set for “Snow Maiden” – an opera by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov (1885) produced by the S. I. Mamontov Russian Private Opera in Moscow. Intricate patterns are striking in their diversity, while the drawing is filled with stylised images of animals and mythical characters. “Never before has anyone’s imagination – a critic Vladimir Stasov wrote about Vasnetsov’s “Palace of Tsar Berendey”, – gone so far and deep into recreating the architectural forms and ornaments of ancient Russia that was magical, legendary and epic. All that was left from ancient Russia in the fragments of our everyday life, in the embroidery, folk drawings, honey-cakes and antique wood carvings – all of this is united here, in one magnificent, unparalleled picture”.

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