Scarf Art Edition Café Chantant

Scarf  Art Edition Café Chantant
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Vendor code: 262283.13.09

Country: Italy

Size: 120x120

Composition: 87% wool, 13% silk

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199 €



The composition chosen for “Café Chantant” is based on the interaction of a calligraphically precise pen drawing and a complex mobile colour scheme. His studies of the Chinese art have defined the unusual spatial constructions used by Yakulov and prompted the birth of his theory of light, which he developed throughout his lifetime. In his works, the West is united with the Orient: the tendency towards the maximum use of the energy of light, typical of the European art of the early 20th century, and the dynamic interaction of colours are intricately combined with the “linear graphic character and the moist and transparent quality of the Chinese watercolours”, while the two-dimensional system of art of the ancient Orient paradoxically combines with the atmosphere of a modern city and its crowds. The artist conveys the deceptive beauty of the city with its fascinating procession of a diverse crowd and the shining lights in the streets and cafes, encapsulating the symbolic idea of the eternal circle of life. The light in his paintings changes the shapes of the objects and the world is perceived as a magical mirage, seen through an iridescent prism.

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