Scarf Art Edition Asters

Scarf  Art Edition Asters
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Country: Italy

Size: 90x90

Composition: 100% silk

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160 €



In 1911 Aristarkh Lentulov travelled to Paris to continue his studies as a painter. His Parisian friends called him the “futurist a la russe”. Yet, Lentulov never became one of the epigones of the Parisian school, having instead reinvented his impressions of his life abroad according to his own outstanding talent and personality. The painter prioritised the dynamics of the colours and the energy of the composition; he united the techniques of the Cubist style with the bright raw colours, preferring to work on large-scale canvasses. For his “Asters” painting, the artist has chosen a unique principle of “colourdynamics”; he almost disengages himself from the actual still-life, transforming it into a rhythmically constructed two-dimensional pattern of multicoloured, almost geometric elements. The forms are broken down into a kaleidoscope of seemingly moving fragments of colour that keep crowding together only to scatter away from the center a moment later.

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