Scarf Art Edition Red Square

Scarf  Art Edition Red Square
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Country: Italy

Size: 90x90

Composition: 87% wool, 13% silk

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In Kandinsky’s own words, Moscow was the fertile ground that he drew his strength from, and where he could lead a spiritual life that he needed so much for his work. “I wanted to paint a large Moscow landscape – gather separate elements and unite them on the canvas... – blend all of them – just as the world is a blend of different elements. This painting should be like the sound of an orchestra… I went to the Kremlin to see the cathedrals in the way I wanted to depict them. And new treasures were unveiled before my eyes...” – Kandinsky wrote about the birth of the motifs for the composition of “Moscow. Red Square”. The painting unites the well-known architectural monuments and the ordinary high-rises with numerous windows, growing from the ground like mushrooms, the multicoloured smoke coming out of factory chimneys and the rays of sunlight beaming through the clouds, a rainbow and flocks of birds above the city. It is this amalgam of dissimilar motifs that creates the effect of the “sound of an orchestra” in Kandinsky’s works.

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