About Radical Chic

Radical Chic - платки, модные аксессуары

Accessory brand Radical Chic

Radical Chic is not just a Russian but Moscow trademark reflecting the dynamic and cosmopolite life in a megapolis like Moscow. Chic, love, fashion, rhythm, happiness, friendship, our country present and history – everything is mixed in this city, and our silk scarves have become its chronicle.

A distinctive one of a kind design exploiting rich traditions of our country, cultural heritage of different epochs featured by modern textile approaches, sensibility, delicacy and complexity of color score, ornament abundance, textures, design and representational device diversity is the brand’s hallmark.

You can find brand’s scarves, shawls and wraps in its own Moscow boutique at Patriarshiye Ponds, online shop and also in major Moscow stores such as GUM, Petrovsky Passage, Vesna, Smolensky Passage, and all Russian large cities and many European countries or buy in bulk.

The brand pays special attention to the quality of accessorizes, using the best materials and the most up-to-date and at the same time rich in traditions Italian fabrics for production of its items.


The first Russian textile design studio SOLSTUDIO TEXTILE DESIGN produces the brand Radical Chic. The studio is among the European leaders. Its designs open tendency foreign professional exhibition stands. It sells textile design all over the world in more than 40 countries and produces its own accessory brand Radical Chic.

SOLSTUDIO TEXTILE DESIGN is a longstanding participant of major world exhibitions: PremiereVision (Paris), Texworld (Paris), Indigo PV (NewYork), MunichFabricStart (Munich), has a 15-year experience in the sphere of textile. The studio portfolio contains thousands of ready designs.

In September 2014 SOLSTUDIO TEXTILE DESIGN became the winner of the most premium textile contest at Premiere Vision (Paris) in Fall/Winter 2015/16, of which PV official publications inform in September 2014. The print “Flower x-ray” was applied to PremiereVision own products as the sample of the best season design.

SOLSTUDIO makes its own color forecasts, analyzes textile design development and fashion stylistics, and applies fabrics of European flagship trend-bureaus. Its customers are producers of fabrics and apparel from Italy, France, Germany, England, USA, China, Japan, Austria, Turkey, South Africa, Korea, Poland and Russia. Studio employees are smart professionals in the field of modern production and fabric printing starting with traditional methods and up to Digital (InkJet) print. Modern computer programs unequalled in Russia are used in production.

The studio unites professional artists, designers, and stylists. It develops fabric collections for several seasons. At present it finishes work at the Spring/Summer 2016 collection that will be presented in February 2015 at PremiereVision and starts developing season Winter 2016-2017. The studio looks far ahead while its strong analytical department makes its works exquisite and mainstream to attract the customers.